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TOCA ME - Titles 2017


TOCA ME - "Dream big" was the 2017 slogan for this years design conference in Munich, Germany. Thanks to producer and director Robert Hranitzky we got the opportunity to work on this unique project that combines 3D animation with real reference footage.

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Our goal from the start was to create a cinematic title sequence which subtly hints at the amazing speaker line-up, featuring creatives like Joshua Davis, GMUNK, Mario Klingemann, Seb Lester, Keiichi Matsuda and Dominic Wilcox.

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This year’s theme, to “DREAM BIG” led us to create a surreal and intriguing journey—beginning with gentle camera moves which reveal a bizzare and mysterious world, slowly discovering a sleeping girl who dreams of creativity and ideas, which we visualized by projecting glimpses of each artist’s work on to her face.


Direction, Animation & Comp:
Robert Hranitzky - hranitzky.com

3D Lead, Photogrammetry:
Daniel Hennies - uglykids.org

Michael Münch - muenchfilms.com

Music :
Andi Thoma
Michael Fakesch - michaelfakesch.com

Digital Sculpting:
Phil Amelung

Felicitas Molnar

Special Thanks:
Todd Prives, Max Iglesias, Can Amirak, Maxl Gründl, Scanwerk

Cloudrendering kindly provided by:
Zync - zyncrender.com

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We used an ultra-high-res face scan of a model, created by Daniel Hennies, which is only illuminated by those projected sequences on its various surfaces. Each shot was precisely crafted to progress outwards from a macro-level of detail, and continuously reveal more and more of the subject.