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Girocard contactless // Girocard kontaklos

Introducing the new contactless payment with Girocard in Germany we got to produce a series of mini-documentaries about real shop-owners in Kassel, Germany. 
Letting them talk about the advantages of contactless payment and learning about the way we pay our shopping goods today was an interesting experience for us.

See all the spots on: https://www.girocard.eu/kontaktlos_special/


Client: Girocard
Agency // CPA (www.cpa-production.com)
Lead production  // Tobi&Tron (www.tobiundtron.com)
Executive production // Tobi&Tron and MünchFilms
Lead Director // André Urban
Camera // Alex Sachs + MünchFilms
Editing // MünchFilms
Graphics // Tobi&Tron

Girocard contactless payment / Girocard kontaktlos