We should work together!

MünchFilms is a production company that believes in the sharing of competences within a group of people who are always pursuing excellence in their field of work. We produce a wide variety of videos for different kind of clients reaching from charity work, small and middle size businesses to big commercial clients. 
We embody the social value and responsibility that the culture of film and commercial has reached nowadays. This is how we connect with our clients and keep pushing to the next level. This is our passion.

Michael frequently attends workshops on film craft such as a film production workshop with renowned film producer Paul Miller and an editing workshop of academy award winner Chris Dickens.

MünchFilms was founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany. Growing up with computers and the internet founder Michael Münch is a digital native and  has a great understanding of the impact social media and the internet can have for any video the clients want to produce.  
Michael is also author of two books about digital filmmaking that were published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He occasionally teaches film seminars at the university SAE. He’s also been part of the Young Lions Film Competition crew of the internationally acclaimed Cannes Lions Festival for 4 consecutive years.

Another important aspect of our work is being careful about our environment and the projects we accept. Therefor we will never work with companies selling goods like tobacco, arms and other harmful things to our planet.




Heiko Knauer

Heiko has been working with us since the very beginning in 2009. He is the camera man to our first feature length documentary Wenn der Vorhang fällt. He's an experiences action and feature film camera man working on projects like Ostwind and many of the Pirate Movie Production company shooting all over the world.

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Robert Hranitzky

is a freelance motion designer and creative director based in Munich, Germany. He's been working with some of the biggest tech companies in the world like Adobe, Apple and Wacom creating high quality unique 2D & 3D animations. His inspiring talks in front of students on trade shows about the digital art craft have been booked and streamed in many different countries.



Yves is a freelance photographer based in Munich. He takes portraits of musicians, models and actors. Yves’ portraits and editorial fashion shoots have been published in several magazines worldwide and his work has been an inspiring asset to most of our productions.

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Akira is a specialist in 3D animation and compositing. His roots lie partially in the far east, Japan. At the age of six, he came to Germany and discovered drawing and watercolor painting as a wonderful activity. But also computer games and technology had a big influence on Akiras development. Now mostly digital pens, brushes and the use of colors and forms are part of his professional career beneath computers, tablets and monitors. The fascination for artistic design has driven Akira to his current profession and he has been working in the industry for over 20 years now.
Since 1993, Akira has worked as a freelancer for 3d animation, motion graphics and compositing.