photo by  Yves Krier

photo by Yves Krier


We should work together!

MünchFilms is a production company that believes in the sharing of competences within a group of people who are always pursuing excellence in their field of work. We produce a wide variety of videos for different kind of clients reaching from charity work, small and middle size businesses to big commercial clients. 

We embody the social value and responsibility that the culture of film and commercial have reached nowadays. This is how we connect to our clients and keep pushing to the next level. This is our passion.

Michael frequently attends workshops on film craft such as a film production workshop with renowned film producer Paul Miller and an editing workshop of academy award winner Chris Dickens.

MünchFilms was founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany. Growing up with computers and the internet founder Michael Münch is a digital native and  has a great understanding of the impact social media and the internet can have for any video his clients want to produce. 

Another important aspect of our work is being careful about our environment and the projects we accept. Therefor we will never work with companies selling goods like tobacco, arms and other harmful things to our planet.